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How it works
Mobile app

A specially designed mobile app that helps agronomists keep track of their fields and sync data via our cloud-based server.

Following features are available:

  • crops state;
  • crop protection treatment;
  • yields;
  • weather forecasts.


All information from mobile apps is synced via our server and stored in our database.

In addition, the data is processed on the server to provide you with better statistics and analysis of your fields.

The history of weather is also recorded.

This allows you to recreate the general condition of crops at all growing stages.

Structured data feeds and their visualization considerably help statistical observation and scientific research.

Web interface

Web Reporting Interface, provides the ability to quickly obtain consolidated data, generate graphical and text reports.

All events history, including the weather and the locations of the reports always available.


Our IT solutions make workflow and communication easy by using centralized tasking and process monitoring.

The results can be effectively used in marketing and R&D.

The system provides detailed information about the showings' condition. This reduces the time for decision making, and increase the quality of the result.


Fields 3

Users 2

Data export


Flexible setting

Standard (for demo sowing per year)

Fields 10-50

Users >10

Data export +


Flexible setting

Pro (for demo sowing per year)

Fields 50-149


Data export +

Support +

Flexible setting

Enterprise (Price is negotiable)

Fields 150-∞


Data export +

Support +

Flexible setting +

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